Magazine Volume 61          


Front Cover: The joy of a summer garden.

2-3 Cansurvive Information – Editorial

4-7 The Cancer Rd - Avoiding the Pot Holes

7 -The Gawler Foundation

8-9 David Hurst Column – Cansurvive Supporting You.

10 Queensland Institute of Medical Research

11 Juicing For Health

12 Recipe Page

13 Insightful Books & DVD’s

14-15 Annies Story

16 –17 Reducing Stress By: Wayne Ellis

18- Guided Meditation

19 Ten ways to know you are a Cancer Survivor.

20-21 Wisdom for the Journey. Cansurvive Cards etc

22 –23 Herb Robert… and- Quest for Life Foundation

24 –25 Cansurvive Notice Board

26 Natural Vibrant Health - Cansurvive Library

27- Mutations add up to bring cancer closer

28 Exit International

29 The Northern Qld Blushwood tree EBC-46

30 Informative Web Sites

31 What is Ozone Therapy?

32 Cansurvive Information

33 Invitation to become a Cansurvive Sponsor

34 New Year Wishes from Cansurvive to YOU.

35-37 Cansurvive Shop

38 Advertising rates, Membership,

39 The Cansurvive Support Group Time Table








Vol 61… there was a time when I thought we would never reach the final stage of the printing of this magazine Dont ask the question. Its been a particularly full on year for me. Mostly good but with its frustrations too! I am sure many of you know what its like to pack, move and re establish to a new abode, exciting but totally time consuming and exhausting. Now the dust has settled , I am ready to turn my attentions to being a full time vol-unteer in the hot seat again. I hope you will forgive me.

We have a team of wonderful Volunteers who support Cansurvive in many ways. We shall certainly look forward to supporting you this coming year.

The article on the Blushwood tree continues to excite many who are looking for answers to their cancer challenge. It is being trailed on humans at the moment, at least dogs, cats and horses, including the Tasmanian Devall have had excellent results. I guess animals dont sue!!

There are two personal stories in this magazine, both have much to offer you the reader. Annie Smallmon is now an appreciated Volunteer with Cansurvive.

Jillian Extons story is of wonderful value to many, her cancer journey has taken her down the path of consider-able research into the many areas of healing, beneficial to the cancer patient. Her Book, "Whats Your Plan " is a must read. She is a great speaker, and often attends our Support Group.

Exit international is again on the agenda in Australia, you will find the article interesting and gives basic information on what they stand for and contact details.

Laughter is the best medicine to uplift the soul. " Ten ways to know you are a Cancer Survivor" a fun read. The convertible car sounds a good bet!

If you are in the Brisbane area March the 17th to the 19th call in and visit the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. "The Mind Body Spirit Festival." We would also be looking for Volunteers in the Brisbane area to assist us on the Cansurvive stand over those 3 days. Support would be welcome.

Volume 61 is done and dusted, and I for one think it is a great read!

Keep well, keep informed. From the team at Cansurvive we wish you all the best for 2017.


By for now.


Eve Williamson…. President










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